We have an R+D+i department at our facilities in Calasparra and we develop products for infant, family and functional food pouch format adapted to the needs of our clients and the markets in which they are present.

We are specialists in the development and Co-manufacturing, carrying out the global management of formulations and products in a personalized way, prioritizing the circular economy in the process of preparing fruits and vegetables with textures:





We love to highlight the experience of our team of professionals who are up to date on all trends in the food sector and work with the best ingredients and the latest innovations. Always backed by a Legislative Department for rigorous compliance with all food regulations, which make our products meet the highest quality and efficiency requirements.

Our knowledge of the garden, the production philosophy and our 100% sustainable concept mean that more and more brands want to innovate with us for their categories of functional products, «ready to eat», «on the go!» or «kitchen help».

We have managed to produce 120,000 units of creamy fruit snacks ready for sale in a single day.

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