Sustainable development goals

Change begins with each and every one of us. Truly. Each and every human being in the world is part of the solution to current concerns about the planet and its people.

On September 2015, over 150 dignitaries and heads of state meet at the historical Sustainable Development Summit where the 2030 Agenda was endorsed. This agenda includes 17 goals with a worldwide approach that, starting January 1st, 2016, are the basis for all participant countries to create a sustainable world by 2030. These nations recognize that initiatives to end poverty must go hand in hand with strategies that favour economic growth and address a diversity of social needs, including education, health, social protection, and employment opportunities, as well as fighting climate change and promoting environmental protection.

These goals are not legally binding, but governments are expected to adopt them as their own and to implement nation-wide frameworks to reach them.

Nutripeople is committed to fulfilling these SDGs with specific actions that are in step with its scope of work and corporate strategy.

Nutripeople is committed to

Develop a range of products that prevent malnutrition and chronic hunger, promoting thus a proper motor and cognitive development.

Turn food overproduction into superfood.

Help those who need it most have access to our products.

Ongoing improvement and cost reduction of our formulas.

Improve global knowledge on beneficiaries and consumers.

Design of new distribution and management systems of food overproduction and surplus.

Promote access to our products by optimizing formulas and reducing costs.

Improve global knowledge on beneficiaries and consumers.

Design of new distribution and management systems of food overproduction and surplus.

Supply of food products for school cafeterias.

Promote ongoing training for all employees of REEL INNOVATION (NUTRIPEOPLE).

Contribute to educational projects with funding for student’s school tuition fees in underdeveloped countries.

Support gender equality within REEL INNOVATION (NUTRIPEOPLE)

Develop products that improve the nutritional values of girls, young girls and women.

Promote local producers and farmers.

Promote local quality employment among the youngest workers and most vulnerable groups.

Promote a fair food production management.

Promote the establishment of agrifood industry in developing countries.

Transfer agrifood research to the social and health welfare of consumers and beneficiaries.

Establish a social industrial policy by influencing the environment in a holistic way.

Promote corporate social responsibility among conscious producers and supporting companies concerned about the population and the future of the planet.

Satisfy the needs of malnourished or hungry communities by putting added value into food overproduction.

Set up meeting points for use.

Promote the use of local raw material.

Promote the elimination of uncontrolled dumping.

Promote the use of food overproduction that would otherwise become waste.

Promote a sustainable use of water, supplies and energy used in food production, use of food overproduction and surplus.

Reduction of CO2 emissions.

Reduction of use of polyethylene and recyclable containers.

Promote cooperation with NGOs for the development and welfare of the people.

Participate in the promotion of good nutrition habits for pregnant women, infants, children and adults.

Promote the development of multisector associations.

We firmly believe in public-private collaboration for cooperation and the creation of a better world.