The fruit that feeds the world

Donations made in snacks.
Kilograms of fruit that we have prevented from being thrown away and that we have recovered.
Litters of water recovered by taking advantage of all that fruit.
Kilograms of plastic saved using our innovative packaging system, reducing it by 70%
Kilograms of CO2 in the atmosphere prevented of going into the atmosphere, thanks to the reduction of 3,000 kg of plastic from being manufactured.
0 %
Of the people that work with us at risk of social exclusion.

Our Project philosophy

In Nutripeople we know that not everyone have the same luck or the same opportunities, being one of the main reasons the place where you are born.

For this reason, we collaborate by donating part of our production to social projects generated jointly with charities, in order to create a society where people share our values and possess the same rights.

The aim is to create specific projects whose purpose is to develop programs of access to food and education for those who need it most.

With the purchase of any of our products, you will be contributing to a better, fairer and more equal society.