Nutripeople fights food waste

One third of the food being produced for human consumption goes to waste.

Food is lost or wasted throughout the entire supply chain, from agricultural production to final household consumption, and huge amounts of resources going into food production are used in vain.

Wasting or letting food spoil before being consumed by people is an excess in a time when almost a billion people suffer from hunger. It represents a loss of labour, water, energy, land and other food production inputs.

We create highly nutritious food with food surplus

An optimal combination of fruit surplus and vegetable protein, destined to bring Spain-grown fruit to the rest of the world through projects developed by the UN, its agencies (FAO, UNICEF, UNHCR, etc.) and other humanitarian aid organizations. We create an optimal product, suitable for highly populated urban settlements and areas hit by natural disasters, refugee camps, food banks…

A foodstuff that fights hunger and helps end world malnutritionpreventing bacteriological diseases, putting value on fruit overproduction which would otherwise go to waste.

The Nutripeople project is expected to have a worldwide GLOBAL impact. We have developed a sustainable model that is transferable to other producing ecosystems worldwide.

Combatir la hambruna

Fighting famine

Superalimento Nutritivo

Nutritious superfood


Optimization of your Corporative Social Responsibility

Objetivo Desperdicio Zero

Zero Waste Goal

Solución Medioambiental

Environmental Solution

Eficiencia Energética

Energy Efficiency

What if we do it together?